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Just a quick heads up folks - Changes Incoming to PSW3

It's not going to cripple this build, but it's going to make taking GW3 instead of PSW3 a bit more attractive.


Also, I've had a lot of fun lately adapting a variation of this build onto an Orb Weaver.

DOFF setup is 2x Projectile Weapon DOFFs, 2x Technician DOFFs, 1x Optional (Gravimetric/Shield Distribution/Warfare). Weapons are: 2x Quantum + 1x DBB Disruptor Fore, 3x Disruptor Turrets Rear. The 2nd Sci officer has TSS2, GW1 and PSW3, and I've an identical 3rd Sci with Tyken's Rift 3 instead. It's proven pretty decent for Fleet Missions.

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