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08-09-2012, 05:07 PM
I really, really, REALLY hope they're just joking. PSWIII is practically the only good damage dealer available to science ships, and even then it relies completely on shields being down. They're nerfing something that doesn't need it...if anything, science skills in general need a boost in efficacy. Maybe Viral Matrix will make a comeback with this, but it simply relegates science ships to support instead of allowing them to deal damage (save, perhaps, Cygone's base Intrepid, but that doesn't work for the Nebula).

If I read the skill point effects chart right, and his remark that the bonus was applied twice, then the nerf could put PSWIII's base damage down from 7k to less than 4k. At this point, considering the woeful disable effect, there will be no reason to run PSWIII for damage. Honestly, if they put through this change, I'll probably quit on the spot. Tired of Cryptic being completely oblivious as to how they should balance the science/cruiser/escort trinity, and wind up trying to dumb everything down to dps/tanking until science is irrelevant.