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08-09-2012, 05:44 PM
Yeah they take forever for the initial response. I almost went to the forums because it took 4.5 business days for the initial response for one of my tickets... BUT once I had them on the hook, we were practically instant messaging via email... it was an interesting turn of events. So just assume they have a long queue. And remember... BUSINESS DAYS. Sat and Sun and holidays don't count

In addition... I had to re-explain the situation twice where if they did some checking the first time they would have not needed me to explain it twice. Eitherway they did resolve my problem much to my liking. Just have to be a little more than extra patient.... if they could get the initial response time down... my customer service experience wouldn't have been that bad in my particular case as you always end up repeating yourself till your blue in the face with any customer service rep when a complex situation arises.
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