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Originally Posted by duncanidaho11 View Post
The thing is that the amount of hull points a ship has is often much greater than it's shields (per face). So you can get some pretty serious results indeed if you not only throw on a single torp but have 2 (quantums) with 4 torp consoles.
Or you could also leverage good torp Doffs and still make out well with just one really fast-firing Photon. With the right doffs and some complementary cannons (Tetryons or Polarons) you can basically make one small gun shoot rapidly rather than make two bigger guns shoot more slowly. It works out evenly in PVE and affords more flexibility, since in a pinch you won't find yourself shortchanged on cannon skills. Benefits from both worlds.

I believe hakaishin or someone else suggested such a build in a different torpedo-boat thread, and with photons it's a good fit with the Armitage and its torpedo PDS.