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i Dont Care about Dental who Target Eroleplayers they need to go they been Trolling and Spamming roleplayers who did nothing to em and anyone who thinks Starfleet Dental are good guys Liston to this Butts made fun of a Dead 6 Year old and they're Very Homphobic and Racist they Call every female characters a sex predator and posted stuff about me because i responded for their trolling and i swear at em but its because they started it first they even spam my friend who tried to honor someone he and i know who died in a boat incident so yea they're targeting good roleplayers and other good friends and they call Orion Players Whores for no Reason so you most you people who are true trekkies should agree with me this is not a game that we allow a Troll Fleets like Starfleet Dental and Shutup Wesley harrased ppl for no reason cybersex in public is one thing but harassing ppl for actual star trek rp isint so most ppl like Devian666 who agrees with Dentals Trollings are no Trekkies and Starfleet Dental your destroying and making everyone hate star trek
Please stop trying to troll us because you don't like our method of legitimate roleplaying. Also naming and shaming on the forums isn't allowed. We do not condone racism in our fleets or homophobic remarks, if you have proof of any of these claims then report it.

RPists shouldn't be doing erotic displays in public and that is the only thing we take offense to. We love Star Trek, we don't like the people that subvert the game play of Star Trek Online to be sexual predators in a teen rated game and will do everything in our power to keep it from happening. If you are part of this group then we do and will continue to submit reports for that behavior.

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