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05-15-2009, 12:11 PM
Originally Posted by Zott
I would just like to elaborate on this a little more - Cryptic is staying true to Trek, as Romulus was destroyed which was the catalyst to the new movie, although, all but Romulus being consumed in a nova, in the new movie it was a Parallel universe. Remember that in a multiverse if the someone goes back and 'alters the time line of your universe' your universe continues on and a new version of your universe which adapts the new changes continues on the same path as well.

Multiverse theory states that for every action there is an infinite series of opposite reactions that are always taking place, which provides us with the alternate universes that trek visits once and awhile.

So if there was a new series picking up where the new movie left of we would be observing the changes in the new universe, and STO would be based off of the old universe we know and love were Romulus was destroyed and not Vulcan. It would be ludicrous to redesign a game to a new universe with a new feel to it when there is already a perfectly well recognized, and stable universe we can use already. No need to re-invent the wheel when you already own a car.

So yo answer your qustion quickly - they are, Romulus is gone So lets us get back on subject and talk about how great that supplemental log was, can't wait for the next.


I concur with your simplified explanation of the multiverse and alternate timeline, and if we call what occurred in the Prequel and in the movie up to the point of Nero and Spock slip into the first Black Hole as "The Prime Universe" for the purpose of STO being without a Romulus/Remus that I agree further with the store presented here, other that the comment about her being gone 20 years doesn't chive, think some one slipped up on that part of the story or the time frame given is off. In the USS Titan Series Commander Donatra killed off Suran (and every indication on her part suggested he truely died) but I have not problem with Cryptic story making it into a ruse by her and Suran (as those two would have reason to always do best for the Empire, and faking Suran's Death wouldn't be beyond them).

@Cryptic, explain or clean up the 20 year reference for Empress Donatra being gone, and the rest of the supplement is very well done and fits with all things I've read on the events/relationships mentioned.