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Originally Posted by Fvillha View Post
I concur with your simplified explanation of the multiverse and alternate timeline, and if we call what occurred in the Prequel and in the movie up to the point of Nero and Spock slip into the first Black Hole as "The Prime Universe" for the purpose of STO being without a Romulus/Remus that I agree further with the store presented here, other that the comment about her being gone 20 years doesn't chive, think some one slipped up on that part of the story or the time frame given is off. In the USS Titan Series Commander Donatra killed off Suran (and every indication on her part suggested he truely died) but I have not problem with Cryptic story making it into a ruse by her and Suran (as those two would have reason to always do best for the Empire, and faking Suran's Death wouldn't be beyond them).

@Cryptic, explain or clean up the 20 year reference for Empress Donatra being gone, and the rest of the supplement is very well done and fits with all things I've read on the events/relationships mentioned.
Soo...Suran is dead? Damn, that kinda screws things up for this log lol
"In the novels Taking Wing and The Red King, Suran still commanded the Romulan military jointly with Donatra. She killed him after she came to regard him as an obstacle in the way of evacuating the Neyel homeworld. " - Memory Alpha

Yupp, I'm with you Fvillha, as much as people don't like regarding the novels as far as I'm concerned the Titan novels should not be messed with, especially the early ones. Maybe someone didn't do their homework? But Cryptic really should look up names online before they start throwing them around

And I agree...this story can't possibly take place in 2387 if Donatra has been missing 20 would have to be 2407