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08-09-2012, 11:32 PM
I'm mostly in agreement with the OP here - This is definitely an issue that PWE needs to address;

There is absolutely no info on the FAQ, the point list, the z-store, or on the character selection screen, that gives any information to the effect that having a 3rd character in a silver account will use up one of your purchased character slots.

Or a good explanation how character slot mechanics work on one of those locations(the average joe is going to be thinking 3+2=5, and not thinking PWE mechanics)

I'm wondering if this is deliberate to sucker folks.

Personally i'd rather have my 3rd character locked with a nice note saying i either need to upgrade to gold, or purchase a character slot to unlock it rather than having no info on that having that first 2 character slot purchase be nerfed to accomodate your third character which is somehow in useable limbo.

either way, does anyone know if once you've been suckered into this, that if at a later date you decide to go gold again, you'll automatically get a 5th slot, or are you going to have to shell out another wad of cash for 2 more?.