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Originally Posted by mehen View Post
With a decent team in PvE, it mostly boils down to six one, half-dozen the other. With most hybrid torp builds you'll drop shields faster but deal less hull damage, and with a good team you don't have to worry about shields at all, as they'll already be stripped. And to those without enough purple projectile officers (or to those whose builds won't allow it), a 3 torp + 1 whatever up front can be just as--if not more--effective than the person who decided to go for the middle.

But as for a single photon firing just as fast, I'd think not. The proc hits each time a torpedo fires, and it cannot lower past the global cooldown, so you really should be running at least two torpedoes. If you enjoy flying with two torps, go for it; if you enjoy three, four, or long as it's fun and you contribute to the team, I doubt anyone is going to give you hell for flying whatever.
Point taken, maybe I'll try it in consequence-free normal STFs. I'm not confident enough in my skills to go with a torp build, but I may as well while my Boffs are still packing both High Yield and Spread, and while I have those two Quantums and Q.torp consoles lying around