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Originally Posted by Zott
Many reasons to advance a story line, but remember because a Romulan is thought to be dead doesn't mean he actually is - the Romulans have reasons for all that they do, and it isn't hard to put a body into stasis if you want it to appear dead - or better yet 'replicate' an exact DNA match that is dead. I'm sure it will be explained.

Lets see how they explain this:

" 'All right' Donatra said, rising from behind her desk. Using her left hand, she made a show of preparing to open a comm channel.

With her right she threw the ihl-sen that she had placed inside her tunic cuff. Suran grasped and gurgled and immediately fell to kis knees. Donatra rose and strode confidently around the desk, then approached him. She saw that Suran had dropped his weapon. Even if he had managed to hold onto it, she;d have been in no real danger; she'd had the Valdore's security system deactivate it while he'd stil been standing on the bridge.

The matter was moot now, however; both of Suran's hands were presently clawing without effect at the wide verdant wound that her serrated throwing knife had created. The short blade was lodged quite snugly in the man's windpipe.

Suran pitched forward onto his face and lay unmoving in front of the desk. His blood spread out in a swiftly expanding pool, dyeing the carpet a rich , beryl-emerald green. " - Titan: The Red King, Page 284

Shortly after it goes on to talk about her a Braeg's love affair, so as we can see the Path series does seem to follow Titan well. But I'd like to see if Cryptic can find a good way to explain how Suran is still alive after that brutal scene.

I'm really not just looking for a reason to complain, I just want this to make sense to me.