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08-10-2012, 01:55 AM
I didnt realise you recorded this epic fight. Loved the spanish pandas! hax! Also I think it was a good idea me coming in my damage per second cruiser/ Healer.

Look at it like this 1 healer (me) 4 escourts the same set up in a true pvp would = fail, against 9 man squad of isc they should of healed one another and able to kill us. I know we got killed no denial there but if were running this set up in pvp teams 4 cruisers 1 hescourts vs 4 escourts and1 cruiser. I know who would genreraly win. If we had a score board per reset would be nice to prove points

I think there is a point to be learnt here. not everyone is learning how to truely pvp in kerrat. perhaps you should join the queues and learn this game is team based and ISC I dont want you to take this wrong weay and look at it like a learning curve.

I will be coming to kerrat to spank fed n klinks