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Today I queued up for Khitomer Accord Ground and entered into the middle of it. When I spawned, two people were dead and the other two were hanging on for dear life. I come in and two guys are happy to have me, and I work with them to quickly clear the drones around the two dead ones. We heal them up, and continue on.

It was uneventful until we reached the room with the power nodes, where repeatedly the same two kept splitting off and dying. Then the horde would turn and kill the other two who weren't equipped well, and I kept running around sniping and finally after clearing most of the drones, healed up everyone. The response? Two people were nice and one of them went immediately to the small room, but I notice the other two had pretty much maxed out in terms of injuries.

I ask them if they're okay and they kept telling me to STFU. And then dying. And then I run to heal them. And then one of them challenges me to PvP. With 6 criticals, 10 majors, and plenty of minors. Right you will take me (without injuries, with advanced fleet PSG, Mk XII MACO shield, and two Mk XII antiborg weapons) down in PvP.

Finally the boss room. Again the two of them get two shots off and die, while the three of us keep retreating down the hall sniping all the way, returning to heal them. I offer help to the two of them after we finally complete the mission, and basically I offered to trade (well, give is a better word) them regenerators to treat their injuries. All I get is curses and screw you and whatnot.

Trying to be a good sport, I say "good luck in future stfs, but honestly other people might not be as accomodating of so many injuries" and I get curses and all to send me on my way.

Of course we missed the optional.
I don't know what we can do about this. :/
Here's a suggestion: how about if no one on your ignore list could be placed in an stf with you? (Just think about it, no explanation is neccesary)
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