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i know all about starfleet not calling things what they are. me calling something a battleship or corvette is just a simple off hand way to clearly identify what im talking about. starfleet basically calls ever thing an explorer of a cruiser, because those are nice tame sounding names or something. they whisper that the defiant is a warship. several times from say the klingon's perspective they refer to the ent D as a battleship, because thats what it is too them.

in my first post were i used battleship, if i had used explorer instead it wouldn't have made a whole lot of sense.

when they were deciding on what to build in cgi, they decided the ambassador was an old directly replaced class and lower production. there are plenty of older ships still in service, but there were a lot more of them too, thats why there are cgi excelsiors and mirandas. its not that there weren't ambassador class active during the war, its that they were just off screen every time.
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