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Originally Posted by daiouvegeta2 View Post
I'd rather have the boff layout of the fleet version.

LT Tac
LT Universal

This just screams to me that it can dish out better punishment and in return can still tank with the big boys. Just slot that LT universal as sci for your HE1 and TS2, and you're golden.
As I said in previous posts, its tanking ability has been severely nerfed as it went from Com ENG and LtCom ENG to Com ENG and ENS ENG. Yes, you have a Lt Universal to use as a ENG slot but then you will have no SCI abilities to clear debuffs or helping in tanking. If you compare it with other tier 5 cruisers, it is actually has the weakest tanking potential. has lots of TAC but what is the point of all the extra TAC if can't tank the damage as before. The problem with the layout is that despite the extra TAC abilities, a cruiser is nothing if it cannot tank. The main reason for this is the poor turn rate and speed of cruisers in general. This means lower defense and as a result an easy target. At least escorts can avoid enemy fire better with its high defense due to its higher speed and maneuverability.

The boff layout above will only work if they increased the speed and turn rate of the sovereign. Otherwise you are going to be a sitting duck wiht a big sign saying "Hit me".

Another thing is even with the extra tactical abilities, it will never produce the DPS of an escort as it cannot equip dual or dual heavy cannons. Sure on paper the extra TAC layout looks awesome but in practice I don't think it'll last long in a mass battle (fleet action). With the extra TAC, you will certainly do more damage drawing more aggro, leading to more enemies attacking you. But you will not have the tanking abilities to survive the increased aggro.

As a compromise, I ok with this layout:

Lt Universal.

This layout is not as drastic as the layout above.