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Something for you to notice, look at some of the hulks in "Best of Both Worlds." You see some floating parst of Constitution Class ships. You will see some broken sausers and some drive sections of the Constitution Class drifting past the Enterprise-D. That would suggest the Constition Class was still in service up to the point of fighting the Borg, not just the Excelsior's and Marranda's.
I think it means there was somehting in service that used the Constitution secondary hull as a part, just like the Miranda uses slightly shortened Constitution nacelles as parts of its own design.

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Battlecruiser is the class of ship that is one step above heavy cruiser. That is what is missing right now in our Fed classes. The Ambassidor Class would fit right into that.
Battlecruiser is not "above" the heavy cruiser design.
In fact the designation battlecruiser predates the heavy cruiser designation by over a decade.
The two are totally different design approaches since a battlecruiser is a ship roughly the mass of a dreadnought-type capital ship (later redesignated "battleship" in the Washington naval treaty of 1922) but with substantially reduced armor in favour of more engine power for speed.
They have little to do with each other unless your only knowledge about naval combat comes from reading the Starfleet Command 1 manual.