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Originally Posted by dstahl I'm still a proponent of having multiple ways to get things in game. I was very vocal internally that if they put an excelsior in the C-Store - there had to be a way to get one in game as well. The Excelsior C-Store unlock was going to come with a T3 and T5 version, and instead the compromise is that the T3 version would be in game for Energy Credits and not require a C-Store transaction.

As far as emblems for the T5, this was overruled because the Excelsior is obtainable at Rear Admiral and you cannot gain emblems until you are VA. This isn't to say things can't change in the future.

Your points aren't going on deaf ears. I'm sure we'll be discussing this internally for days. We just tend to see these same arguments whenever anything goes into the C-Store that people really want. Obviously we will continue to react to player feedback and your concerns over items in the C-Store. We certainly talk enough about it in our meetings.

I miss this guy where ever he went.........

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