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08-10-2012, 08:20 AM
I kept the third slot open and available ever since STO went free to play, even though I never had any characters on it until recently, so I was under the impression that you got to keep that third character slot. Another one of those nice little 'thanks for subscribing' gesture sort of things. The kind of thing that while small, if noticed it makes a nice little impact on the buyer.

But hearing that we apparently don't actually have the third, despite it being right there in front of us and freely available to use, is the exact opposite. I've been planning on expanding my character slots soon too, since I wouldn't mind having one of each profession on each side. While it'd cost me the same in the end as I'd still need to buy the +4 character slots, until I see how this gets resolved, I think I'll hold off.

If I buy an additional inventory slots upgrade, do I get nothing because I already have 72 slots? Do I have to buy 3 of them just to get my inventory expanded by a whole 6 spots? Will buying a pair of bridge officer slot upgrades, do I also get nothing there, because I already have the extra slots that I got from level when it was still pay to play or was subscribed? Do I need to pay 3000+ zen in Retrain tokens before I get just one? I should certainly hope not.

The fact is that we have that third slot. It's there, and it's available to use. For all I know, I simply got to keep it because I was playing long before STO went free to play. There's no indication that it's not something that we get to keep if we were originally gold or been playing pre-F2P. But there's no indication that's why, or that it is in some way not counted as slots you have when buying more slots. If/when I buy +4 character slots, I expect to see 7 character slots, not 6. But if we're going to get how many we bought - 1 just because of something completely unindicated, then I think I'll stick with just 3 characters.