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08-10-2012, 09:35 AM
From the matrix, Gold members are also required to have a KDF if they want to use all three of their slots. 1 Fed, 1 KDF, 1 to do with as you please. So either way, the restriction is there.

For myself, I had 2 Feds already from pre-F2P. The third slot it told me was my free one, to do with as I pleased. Since I was introducing a friend to the game, I started a new Fed to level up along side him, so now I have 3 Feds. This has also only been in the past week or so that I started the new 3rd character, and later we both bought gold prior for the rank up perks. The system appears to consider slot 1 as Fed, slot 2 as KDF, and any slots after that as either.

Not that it really has much impact on whether or not the third slot exists. It clearly does to us, and the system appears to agree as well, letting us have full access to that third slot. Up until the point that we try to expand those slots it would seem.