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The stipend of 400 Zen simply isn't enough. Most of the things I've gotten for my subscription are now available on the Z-store and priced to the point I am reaching the apex of my subscription's value. The monthly stipend was fine back when the C-store was not as necessary to the game, but now? Now I would like to have what some other, successful Hybrid models are doing and apply it here.

For starters, ditch the stipend, and apply a flat Zen discount in the store. In the F2P/Hybrids I am playing, when this is a policy, I actually buy more when I'm subscribed and go so far as to subscribe once in a while when I see some new bundles or items I like hit the store, and especially when I see a sale in the store! In APB:Reloaded, for example, I have jumped into their cash store, subscribed for the discount, and bought weapons and car kits (like our ships and ship skins), loaded up on bunches of things, all during a sale. The subscriber and sale discounts stacked, and Gamers First got gobs more of my money than PWE ever has *PLUS* I felt good about it, I felt like I got me a good deal. With the 400-Zen stipend I'm more likely to just buy the minimum Zen needed to get something, and I'm probably going to curse the company under my breath for not quite giving me enough to buy what I wanted...

Next up, add 1 month, 3 month, 1 year, and lifetime gold account upgrades (non-recurring) to the Z-store. See above for why, and below for how this benefits both PWE and the player.

Thirdly, GIVE US A SHOPPING CART! Seriously, the C/Z-store is just not designed right in this regard. Let us load up a shopping cart with items. Let us delete and add to this cart as we decide how much we'd like to spend (or save). Apply discounts to the cart! For example - if a f2p player decides he wants the Awesome Ship from the last round of Z-store additions, AND waits until there is a 20% discount on all things not brand new, AND adds a 1-month-of-premium to his cart, apply the premium discount PLUS the sale discount to that order in total (but not to the premium, obviously). Then watch as we load up our carts with more than we would have under the current system.

Lastly, breakout character and account-wide items at separate rates. Not all of us want a ship for all our characters, and wont buy it just because why spend that much for an Escort for my Tac my Eng and Sci will never touch? Add a secondary price, about 2/3 that of an Account-wide unlock and you'll sell more, we'll save more, win-win.
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