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08-10-2012, 08:49 AM
Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
Its simple, you paid for the extra slot which you got for free when you downgraded.

Silver members get two members get three, you downgraded your membership yet you still got to keep a perk...if anything you probably should have been forced to delete one...which would send you to these forums for a different reason to complain.

System reads you as a silver member which has access to two characters...two + two = four. So the system used logic instead of just adding two

I'm sorry you feel entitled to a perk of subscribing when you no longer are subscribed and aren't getting it.
When he downgraded, was he notified that this was going to happen? It?s funny that Cryptic chooses this as their point of contention but are perfectly willing to let you keep all the gold benefits you have for your character. The inconsistency leads me to believe this was a bug that Cryptic is trying to conveniently use to their advantage.

Is there a footnote stating this fact when he made is purchase? If not, this is absolutely misleading especially to those who played prior to F2P and weren't aware of the slot reduction.
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