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08-10-2012, 09:44 AM
I'm not going to get into the circular mines bigger than your argument going on in this thread as they are useless arguing that raise my blood pressure and make me think "get off my lawn" curmudgeon like thoughts. The idea of more attack front and less rear is interesting, but the shield stuff would just make the KDF more the Feds bad guy targets. No thanks.

Canon. Heh, this is a game. Balance. Heh, one persons balance is another's whine.

A tier 5 BoP purchased from the z store has the same weapon layout as a commander level ship. No way this ship shouldn't be 4 and 3.

This game is based on a 4 shield need more pew pew design. Gotta beat down the shield face to do the hurting. 5 front? Ok. Decreasing rear guns. NO.
Just say no to ARC