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I think you have missed the points.
1. I am a paid subscriber. Based on the amount I have paid and the amount I could have paid to get (close) to the same place by being F2P, I feel the cash value of my account has reached its limit. I am suggesting ways to adjust this. "The cash out no longer matches the value back," NOT "how do I make more Z-points."

2. I have listed a handful of things I found that are slightly better or more interesting from another cash store, and am mentioning them here as constructive suggestions on how to improve this one. Of course there are things that are worse elsewhere. Here are some things I liked else where, please consider them.

While I appreciate your defense of this game, I'm not attacking it, nor am I looking for alternatives to making Zen. Your replies indicate that you are happily making 1200 Zen (including the free 500 from gold membership) a month, I am not discussing what I get from effort. I am discussing what I get from my subscription fee. I don't want "more" per say, I want different. I would like to feel better about my Zen purchases, not about my time in game - I feel fine about that.

Please understand, I have no issue paying for Zen, I just would like to see more (perceived) value for the game I pay(ed) for, and have noticed I get that perception from games which have a discount for "gold" members rather than a stipend.

Honestly, the part that feels like "work" is the part where I assumed responsibilities in my Fleet, so I cant exactly walk away from that part

[Editied - I realized some of the language could be taken as inflammatory, not my intention]
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