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08-10-2012, 10:59 AM
I never use stealth tbh. Never have.
I'm a tac and I always use the fire team kit with mk xi maco gear with a mk xii polaron pulsewave. I normally do pretty well, managing to nail 2 single handedly with the rest of the team getting the other two.

I always hit my buffs just prior to going in. Everything including suppressing fire and tac initiative. I then select the pulsewave, jump into fps mode and go run in. When I see the first big cluster of enemies I will hit the secondary mode and maybe throw in a plasma grenade. The suppressing fire will debuff their speed just enough for me to sprint past and get to the saboteur. As long as I'm quick I can get into a position where I can hit the sabo without taking flanking fire from the mobs and my damage buffs will still be up. It might take 5 or 6 hits but with the maco shield capacitor power you can pretty much last twice as long.
Once the sabo goes down I run like a bat out of hell back to the nearest hallway and hide behind the pillar just long enough for my shields to come back up.
Rinse repeat as required.

I normally take out at least two and don't die. This is a pretty risky tactic, you either pull it off in spectacular fashion or fall at the first hurdle.
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