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08-10-2012, 12:09 PM
Well, my point above is that I play all those FTP games I listed above - and several more - and I don't get any more perceived value from them then I do STO. At end-game of all those Hybrid games you're basically left with grinding something for something. At least in STO my grinding is earning me a real C-Store value. I can't grind enough in LotRO to buy a new horse every month, even with my Stipend.

I completely understand that you want more things to do in STO - we all do. But having said that I'm not seeing any real difference between STO and other games. Ultimately in those other games I'm left waiting for a new EP to come out to do new things. Otherwise I'm just doing the same raids over and over. So my money has no real value there either.

If I do spend all my gaming day only doing STO I do get burned out. But I'm fortunate that I can spend a couple of hours in STO, some in LotRO, some in Conan, and so on. Since I'm not only playing 1 game at a time I don't get myself that burned out on what's not there for me in STO: I'm having different needs in me fulfilled by different games.

And as I said above, you can play this game and put no cash into it, so how can the value of paying nothing for something mean you're not getting value from the C-Store?

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