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08-10-2012, 11:23 AM
I... didn't say anything about grinding... um... are we having the same conversation?

I want more (percieved) value for my subscription when buying from the Z-store.

That's it.

Not when playing, buying...

And APB really does make the Sub worth it sometimes. I'll have to more closely examine the others. *** SUUUUUUCKS for F2P IMHO. Wont go back to that hot mess.

So yeah, your list of F2P Hybrid models that offer no sense of value for a subscription... are... um... not relevant? I mean, why when someone says "I think there isnt a good enough reason/value to subscribe, here are some suggestions for how to help that" are you replying with "Other games also have no reason/value to subscribe, so don't ask for improvement?"

Other countries lack human rights policies, so I should just give up on seeking to find ways to improve the ones in my country, right?

I really don't understand your line of replies... trolling, maybe?
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