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Originally Posted by jnohd View Post
I... didn't say anything about grinding... um... are we having the same conversation?

I want more (percieved) value for my subscription when buying from the Z-store.
But how can you get more value when, even with a Subscription, you can buy things for free from the Z-Store? I have an LTS and I'm buying things for free every month.

I'm not losing any value by having a Subscription - especially when I have an LTS that reached the break even point nearly a year ago: IE, I've been getting Gold bonuses for a nearly a year even though I haven't really been paying for them like a monthly Subscriber does.

What can they give you more then simply saying: "play the game and get everything for free?"

What are you wanting? Elitist LTS-only missions? LTS discounts in the C-Store (isn't that what the Stipends' for: to buy something each month at a discount?). You want to feel extra good about money you paid and that has probably already exceeded the break even point like mine has?

PW's business philosophy is simple: Play for free, get all the content for free, pay for the fluff; and if you're a Cryptic Gold member we'll give you a Stipend and Vet Rewards on top of that. That's a pretty good deal - especially if, like me, you're past the break even point.