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Originally Posted by quiiliitiila View Post
What would people rather see the Jupiter as? A Heavy dreadnought with side weapons (if done correctly) or a carrier (rather like the Vo'Quv)?

I for one could go either way, but what's everyone else's opinion?

I would prefer a dedicated carrier, personally, and I think it makes sense from both a lore perspective - the Feds are interested in carriers, look at the catboat and Armitage - and a business perspective - Fed players are interested in carriers because they're too lazy to level a Klink.

Plus, it even makes sense from a "realism" perspective. Look at the modern US navy, very centered around the carrier as a power projection platform. If the Jupiter were to be the centerpiece of a Fed battle group, it makes sense for it to be a carrier.

Mind you I don't necessarily want for the Klink carrier distinction to be wiped out. They have cool carriers, there's no need to deprive them any more than they already are. But if a Jupiter were to happen, I'd like it to be a carrier, or maybe a fat cruiser with hangars.

For the record, if it does happen and it is a carrier, I DO NOT want Frigate-sized pets. Let the Klinks have their BoP pets. It'll just look WEIRD if a Jupiter were seen launching Defiants or Mirandas out its butthole. No thank you. I'll stick with Peregrines and Deltas and Danubes. Maybe Stalkers.

But really what I want a Jupiter carrier's pet to be? Kamikaze Chafees.