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The stipend needs to be increased anytime the prices go up, as a cost of living raise. The increased percentage should always be comparable to the percentage of the increase, with immediate retro active increases since f2p and the zen mess.

This does not address the soaring prices for character unlocks, and ships. All ship prices need to dropped by about 30%, the rest of the item need to be decreased by 20%. It is one thing to have us buy thingg through micro transactions it is another to price gouge like big oil does while doing so....


Note 500zen is not even enough for a costume unlock, and before zen it was more thsn enough.
Thank you
I think this might be why I'm feeling like a % discount would be better than a stipend... if its equivalent (eg, based on the previous discussion's 1200 zen/month earning), then you would be looking at 500 out of 1200, about 41%... I doubt they would go that high however. (I've seen up to 30% for subscribers.) Where it pays off is when you purchase greater than 1200 worth of items (say, a 2000 zen ship), and see the price come down to 1,400 zen for subscribers. Admittedly, that's more zen earned/purchased, but its very close.

The advantage to the % is the value increases along with the cost.

The advantage for PWE becomes clear when F2P players look at a big-value item (like the Bortasq set) and decide to subscribe for a month just to get the discount, then buy the remaining Zen they need to get the set, and still save some money. ...or at least thats how it went for me with APB:R

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