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08-10-2012, 12:34 PM
Originally Posted by hawks3052 View Post
The statement concerning the growing KDF is not realistic.
Cryptic has done nothing to make the faction appealing to the playerbase or promote playing it.

To create an influx of new players into the KDF the Devs have to invest serious time and resources into promoting the faction.
You just nailed down the problem and, I think, what the problem at Cryptic has been up through the "Dead Targ" comment.

Cryptic devs prefer playing KDF on the whole. I think they always thought that it would take serious time and resources, serious time and resources that they didn't have.

Since then, they discovered that factions may not be WORTH serious time and resources. Oh, definitely in a qualitative sense but not from a profitability standpoint.

Would investing more time and resources into the KDF yield more money? Almost certainly. Would it yield more money than investing those time and resources elsewhere? I'm deeply skeptical.

If anything, the problem is what it's always been:

Either they need factions to be something that require less time and resources than the Feds got at launch... Or they need to do away with the idea of factions.

Because generating "more" money isn't the same as generating the "most" money. Cryptic didn't have any speculative stockholders to answer to when it started development; it did under Atari and it has very serious stockholders under PWE. When you have stockholders like that, what generates "more" money or "feels right" is going to lose out to what generates "the most money" or "looks right on the balance sheet."