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08-10-2012, 05:26 PM
Why in STO all the Klingons are brown skined or darker complexion, and all have dreaded hair? I have yet to see any of the Klingons, in the movies or show that have dreaded hair. I have seen them with their hair out and flowing or in a braid or two. I have seen them have as many skin complexions an human do. That also goes for the eye color. General Chang(White skinned with blue eye), Chancelor Gorkon(white skinned with blue eyes), Chancelor Gorkon's daughter,(white skinned with brown eyes, and pigtails and other stuff in her hair, the Warden at Rura Penthe(white skinned with one blue eye), and many of the Klingons from "The search for Spock," and the Motion Picture have white skin flowing hair. Where did the all dark skinned and dreaded hair come from?

I think you should allow more variety in looks to match with what is canon.