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# 1 New Early Leaver Penalty
08-11-2012, 12:56 AM
Not happy with new patch that if you leave an STF early your temporarily banned from ALL team type issions like PVP and PVE's for 30 mins.

I remember how we had the penalty for the borg missions, but this new penalty for fleet actions is WRONG.

Why? Because we are all fleets trying to build our starbases. Sometimes, not everyone you know who can handle these missions properly with you is online, so you must PUG it.

Upon entering earlier, I attempted the No-Win scenario (Which is a VA50 Mission) and upon rez had a Captain with ZERO accolade points sitting next to me. Knowing full well he is a one hit wonder who will immediately explode cryning HELP and HILFE, leaving the rest of the team to have to carry him and spend costly consumables, as always, I left before it even started.

Wham, hit with penalty.

As a paying customer since the beta days, I am REALLY angered by this.

Everyone keeps saying it is all based on Rank, well these noobs make VA in a matter of a week not even doing Storyline missions which give them the skills and 2% gains from damage and kill accolades. As I proposed in an earlier post, that I won't even attempt it anymore (After seeing so many fail miserably GARUNTEED) based on them being noobsters, if they have less than 6,000 accoldae points. They have the skills, the 2% accolades to handle more than one hit, and most likely the gear.

Of course VA's can drop it too, but the point is, they should not allow players with absolutely no experience in the game to wreck it for 4 other people who are working hard and spending alot of EC on consumables to complete these missions.

So at this point, I have definitely devised a new strategy (ancient chinese secret) and will NOT carry noobs through these missions. Secondly, I am NOW seriously considering to downgrade to Free as that appears to be all Craptic seems to cater to and is crapping on us veterans, who have EARNED their ranks and have the skills to be a team asset not a serious liability.

I remember when as a noob I couldn't even venture into certain sectors until achieving certain levels of accolades or skills and ranks, but it sure appears that these "i'm too lazy to work for it" types, can do more than I can.

Thanks alot.

P.S. I do expect the onslaught of trolls and noobs to blast me for this, about how they should have everything catered to them, so save your breath on that.
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