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08-11-2012, 01:26 AM
We received your message, it was as follows:

How dare those pesky developers!
I left early because of elitist behaviour, and I am the one who gets penalized for this!
This is absurd!
They should penalize players for being not so great as I am!
This is what I read, nothing more.
Accolades have zero to do with being a noob or not.
Being a lower rank than VA doesn't mean being a noob, either.

I know it is harder, but not impossible. I can life with it.

They finally decided to penalize leavers with no access to "endgame" at all? Good one.

If you really want to fly fleetmissions in a perfect environment ... I guess you missed the word "fleet" in it.
You want clean clears? Go premade. Simple.