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Originally Posted by dassemsto View Post
hmm... never hear anyone giving false advice to someone who really wanted help. Only as jokes between friends. Ofc, if you listen in on someone else talking, you may not realize they're joking to each other. Wil joking not be allowed in your channel?

The only people who get mocked, are those who refuse to listen to advice. Who stubbornly claim they know something even if the opposite is proved again and again. Also, people who make false claims, or boast of their own superiority, must accept a degree of mocking if they are beaten. This also goes for premades that build around an exploit. They often take heat for this, and this seems to have a positive effect on pvp gameplay.

Have you ever said in the OPvP channel "I can't hack it in pvp! any fleet wanna let me join them for a match, so I can watch and learn?" ? I guarantee you, if there is a fleet on that's not already a full team, they WILL let you join them. There are ofc a few exceptions, but most of the good fleets are happy to let someone come along.

joking around is no problem at all i tried to bring this subtile to the forums im not saying im a victum of mockery but i see it happen a lot lately in OPVP

burning somebody to the ground isnt joking anymore i dont see mutual respect anymore when sort of things happens and its scarin off people

and i dont see anyone doing something about it

noobs deserve respect too

we were all noobs once

mockin and calling names is so ez.. and i can imagine people staying out of the PVP community because of that

but im forcing nobody to join this channel i am simply providing it

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