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08-11-2012, 09:18 AM
Infected Space Elite, last night. Finished it (took forever) but lost the optional early. As in, as soon as the first set of generators was popped.

The generators weren't a problem... except everyone wanted to shoot at the same one. Nanite spheres everywhere as the last gen goes down. I know from running it before that if you get enough DPS on the transformer, you can take it down even with those stupid spheres hanging around. (I don't think we had enough though.)

Everyone goes off to shoot nanite spheres. And then regular spheres. By the time they finish with the regular spheres (which didn't shoot at them until attacked anyway), more nanite spheres. I think it took almost twenty minutes to clear one side.

Other side is a rinse and repeat of the last one. No one learned from their mistakes. One guy (who I suspect wasn't really helping much) called everyone noobs and left.

We did better once he was gone though; the gate went within a couple of minutes, and the tactical cube didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would with only four people.

Also, I find it really awful that - even flying an escort - I got swatted by spheres people dragged over. So not only did they drag over spheres instead of killing them... they let their teammates die for it.

(I can solo the spheres in ISE in my escort... if I see them before they take my shields down!)
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