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08-11-2012, 09:45 AM
Ya know, I consider myself pro very much. But when I join the public que, I am fully prepared for the worst and if I get the worst I deal with the worst. As far as I am concerned the leaver penalty won't be enough until it punishes you with a 24 hour ban from all ques. And if you don't like it because you're fond of quitting on people to "spare myself of the agony because my time is oh so more important to not be wasted" rather than eying the end rewards by whatever means it takes to get them, well, tough. I bet you become a non quitter really damn quick with a 24 hour ban. The only downfall of such a massive penalty is once in a blue moon a person will screw themselves over by accident or a person absolutely has no choice but to leave because of RL hitting them, or whatever but I think it's worth the tiny heartache that fair players endure to put a stop to people who the first thing they do upon entering a que'd event is not prepare for battle but to click on their group to see how many bloody accos they have. Seems people always find that one thing in a MMO that displays how veteran you are within the game and use it as a discrimination tool against newbie players.

Perhaps the system can be worked in such a way that it isn't a 24 hour ban from the word go, but the more you leave the heavier the penalty, and it never resets. At least this way legitimate players don't have to suffer. If you are pro who is skipping on pro made groups in favor of PUGs and you leave, you deserve the punishment you get. So yeah, 24 hour ban is entirely in the realm of acceptable. 30 minutes is a joke. It's a slap on the wrist.

As for AFKers, I'm not sure how to deal with the inevitable strategy of just AFKing to avoid a 24 hour ban but I do have a few ideas that will surely work. It's incidental punishment to legit players that makes them not so surefire. The most obvious is a kick option but it can be severely abused even in a player vote setting.

So yeah. If players are hellbent on not playing by leaving a group then Cryptic needs to cater to their desires of not playing by hitting them with 24 hour bans from que events. I'm not even sure why the OP is upset. Cryptic has done them a great service by helping them not playing the game. With 24 hours they have an entire 24 hours of not playing with newbies. That's amazing compared to 30 minutes you'd think people like the OP would pay Cryptic for the chance to be spared of newbs for an entire 24 hours. Anyways.