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08-11-2012, 11:36 AM
The PvP playerbase is too small to support a variety of channels.

But, if there were to be another one I'd think it would be dedicated to players who want to test play mechanics and are looking for other people to test with. It would be more so people chatting in Arena Zone, for example, aren't spamming people in PvP matches. You could have different players in different zones testing and communicating w/each other.

Or there could be Red and Blue channels for 10 v 10s when you have people who aren't on a common voice coms and chat only supports 1/2 the group atm. But, these could be put together Ad Hoc. Unfortunately, Season 6 didn't upgrade the max 5/PvP team I'd hoped for w/the cryptic talk of larger player encounters.

But, there really isn't another need for a general PvP channel imo.