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Originally Posted by dareau View Post
Also, it can help. Without playing researcher, I believe a Mk V white "energy type" console gives the same, if not a hair higher, bonus than a Mk VII white "weapon type" console. So if the OP kits out in a full, say, tetryon ship (even white) as soon as he dings Captain, he'll be doing damage on a par with (if not better than) a rainbow RA-LH. Think about it, given the choice, who would you want on your team during a fleet alert? Rainbow RA-LH, or endgame-style Captain?

I tried this recently. Levelled up a Tac alt. Decided to kit said tac out in full sets every level from my main's crafting - by the time I had completed the Tac's captain loadout, my Sci has full access to the entire crafting menu. Meanwhile, the matched sets helped the Tac get through the PvE content on elite easier than if I just stuck with the rainbow slop I'd have gotten from running the missions alone...
I get where you're coming from; been doing the one-energy type all game, if I can help it. Still find it funny to see escorts running around with BEAMS in the fore during fleet alerts. Meanwhile, I'm turning probes/spheres into goop with my Cmdr24 Oslo, no torp, all white (except for the consoles) escort.