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08-11-2012, 03:08 PM
You realise that on elite, the norm is to have one person deal with the left cube spawns, 1 person deal with the middle cube spawns (and taking down nanites in between) While the remaining 3 take the right spawns and nanites. Then those 3 swap with the middle person and finally the left person. When all nanites are down, take all cubes to 10% and then kill them all at the same time before immediately hailing the kang to get it out of danger. It is very easy to get the optional on Cure leet, and Infected for that matter.

If you are killing a cube before the rest are ready, then you are probably the reason the STF is failing, not the rest of the team. Think about it - 9 hours doing the same STF over and over with 4 different people each time. The only constants are the STF itself and you.....

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