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Originally Posted by defalus View Post
10 Normal STFs would be good for players to get a feel for the layout of the map, but it does nothing to help those Joe Kirks learn what an injury is, a long time ago when I pugged Elite stfs I lost count of the number of times I saw a starship with innumerous injuries and its captain crying foul because "teh borgz kill so fast, this sux".
There's only so much that can be done in a video game. There are already tutorials telling players about injuries. If they don't listen or have forgotten, what can you do? Maybe have an intro mission to Elite STF's reminding them of that stuff? Make injury indicators much more difficult to miss? I don't know. If Joe Kirk has an ID-ten-T problem then that's beyond Cryptic's ability to compensate for. I do think a normal STF requirement is a decent start, though.
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