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Originally Posted by tvlar View Post
I'm more concerned about the ship than the rank. Given a choice of a team with 4 Captains in Escorts, or 4 VA's in Cruisers, I'll go with the Escort group. ( and I DO know there are some VERY effective Cruisers out there, just that odds are THEY won't be in that group of 4 )
The Fleet missions ARE a DPS race.
Escorts are definitely better for most of the fleet events, mostly due to DPS and quick turning. Only problem is even very well-built escorts die pretty easily if a mob manages to get ahold of them (solution: heal the escorts often as possible... but it's best if each escort also has their own shield and hull buffs).

I've seen some cruisers do well in the events, but the worst Federation Fleet Alert failure I've been in was my escort and four cruisers. We tried, but we sure didn't last long (no one's fault, really, just not the ideal group to have).
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