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Originally Posted by judge7 View Post
i just spent the past 9 hours doing pug stf's trying to get a cure engine drop.

one mission was completed of all of them.

the people that come to these missions now are weak players that sit at the kang

and kill bops "barly".

i sit at a cube and kill the nanites and the bops that spawn then the raptor and warship.

then i move to the next after all the nanites are gone.

i kill a cube and one group of raptors every single mission i have done today accept one, the rest of the team couldnt stop the raptors and they killed the kang.

my suggestion is to make a mission that must be completed for every player that wants to go to do elites.

this way they go in knowing how to do the missions and outfitted well enough to complete them.

it isnt fair to the rest of the people that spend months trying to get needed items to have people come in and go afk or totaly ruin the mission because they dont have a clue or cant hang at all with the super powered borg you put in there.

i got a item worth 7000 ec for the one mission that was completed today.

i have other ways of completly wasting my time and would rather do them because there not as frustrating as it is playing this game and getting no where.
I have to agree with the first reply... Doing Elite runs are very different to doing normal runs. What works in normal will fail in Elite.

You need to destory the nanites first, on all 3 cubes, them destory the 3 cubes at the same times. Doing this stops the POBs upgrading to warships.

But i do feel for you, I've been running Elite STF since they came out, still haven't got a full MKXII kit on any of my characters.

I also think alot of 'Vet' players are doing alot of work on fleet missions for merits. This could explain why you aren't getting great pug groups.

Also: Plenty of people run Elite STF chat channels, these are normally for experienced players wanting a team with other experienced players. I'm not going to advertise 1 over the other here. I'm sure the owners might reply with a formal invitation though.

Good luck on those loot drops in the future