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# 1 Is it just me?
08-11-2012, 04:51 PM
Or is there suddenly a whole lot more normal and Nanite Probes and Sphere's popping out of the Transwarp Gate in STF's since the patch.

It's just I see so many now, and we all get over whelmed, and many rage quit over this.

I admit last night I did quit with some others as it was a real no win. They just kept coming, 2-3 at a time. The system was swarming with them, and no one could keep up.

I stood by the gate, and tried, while others attacked other ones, but..............I was the third to quit when it was obvious that there was no win, or that it would take heck knows how long to finish ( was nearly 1 am for me Australian time ). No one was attacking the second generator, nor the first, just the swam of Borg. And if they did attack the other one, they would of veered to that one, the Spheres would of headed that way. But no one was at the second one.

Not a rage, not expecting a fix, just serious curiosity bugging me.