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08-11-2012, 05:38 PM
Cure Elite is a pain - thats for sure... unfortunately because we do have 2 different methods to complete it (if people work together and follow the same method) - there is always bound to be, lets say, "discussions" on which is better.

Personally, having a high DPS ship that can hold one of the areas solo (with only the occasional isometric-charge-related death) - I prefer the "split up and take a zone" method... BUT I can see how the other method could be better when you are Cruiser or Science heavy in a PUG.

Biggest issue I find is that we all are thinking along one of the 2 methods and as soon as anyone sees you doing something different to them they scream at you that you are a noob and don't know what you are doing... which of course peeves off those of us who have been playing a damn long time and just "don't use the same method". Heck I'll admit that I'm guilty of this on occasion, and I am sure 90% of us who play these have done so at one time or another.

One thing that *may* help these missions is if there was a 1 min (?) pre-start timer (like on the fleet actions) so that people can sort out strategies before it all starts... because as it is now, we are all racing in to start "our method" as quickly as possible in order to beat the timer... and it ends up being just a plain old mess.