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Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
As a tac BoP, I can conceivably do everything here except the raptors in CSE and Donatra's torp spread. I think you're underestimating the crunchiness of those raptors. I have pugged CSE many times, and I have yet to see a good player take on all three raptors and kill them before they reach Kang. I could manage 1 or 2, but not three. The Birds of Prey are no match for me, but those Raptors are far tougher than they look.

Oh, and your part in ISE about 'ability to kill a generator and do 50% of required damage to transformer' is bunk. I've done PREMADES in ISE and haven't seen anyone quite reach this level. You're being an elitist twit, and nobody likes it. I'd love to see a video of you doing all these things, if you're so awesome.
Never claimed to be awesome. And your right that may be a bit too extreme on the ISE one although it can be done perhaps it should be 40%. Keep in mind the requirement is 'before they reach it' so if you delay how long it takes them to get there you also get a bit more time to do the DPS

For Donotra I always run +Kinetic Resist consoles only, makes it much much easier. At times i'll even drop my borg console into the tac slot on an escort so I can have 2 +shield caps and 3 kinetic resist consoles for that fight if I think i'll get focused.

And true those raptors are annoyingly durable but nearly every ship can pack a TBR and in cure I find it invaluable even if only to pop HY torps/boarding parties. Key to killing them is to only hit one shield facing before they go 'active'. Sucks when you approach 'em from the side and spend half your time on one shield facing only to be forced to hit another because of relative positioning.

Just sick of baddies raging on decent, if not great, players.

Oh and rodex47 I like your style. You have my permission to rage on me like a 15yr old spoiled rich chick rages on her parents when they refuse to throw her a sweet 16 party and buy her a 200k car anytime I mess up in an STF with ya!