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# 1 Bad Fleet Leaders"Maquis"
08-12-2012, 01:12 AM
Hello Everyone dont come on here much but,Had to come on here an let others know of a certain Fleet Maquis Alliance Elite Force.I have been in this game since Oct.09 (beta) an have helped start some of the first in this GAME. thats just it but yet some take it real serious this is a quote from the Leader of this Fleet."if you have a complaint tough @#$% want a fleet that cares go somwhere else because i dont"end quote as long as i have been in here and helping people out i have never had someone talk that way to thier members an expect them to help out when most players get off of school or work an want to escape not be trashed by the 1 who helps them escape anyway just a heads up to my fellow players and new ones Stay away from this Fleet unless you like drama on a Video Game..See ya'll in there..