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08-12-2012, 03:10 AM
Originally Posted by assimilatedktar View Post
Yeah, sorry but I find myself unable to sympathize. If you leave your team to die before the fight starts just because you don't like the look of your assigned teammates then you shouldn't play at all. Half an hour is not enough of a penalty for that kind of behaviour.

Just imagine Sisko:

"WHAT? They want me to assault the Dominion lines flanked by two MIRANDAS??? Screw that, I'm going to fly to Risa."
True, but what if you join a Cure Ground and 2 people leave right off the bat. Then you realize one of the people that is still there doesn't even have a remodulator. You have no choice but to leave because there is no way to finish the STF and there is no failing to get out of it. Should you really end up penalized for someone elses stupidity?

Its happened to me 3 times this week.