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Originally Posted by dassemsto View Post
Honestly, I have high hopes for STO PvP. I think we have something going that I actually like.

Lack of content? Bah... We get new space abilities all the time! Abilities that totally change my own and my opponents behaviour. New gear, new weapons, new doffs, new ships... To me, that's the most important addition to pvp content! It changes the whole playstyle, and every new addition lends to a thousand new variations!

Also, it's refreshing to see dStahl giving it to us straight in the newest Ask-C. It's in the works, but not a priority. Fair enough. I can handle the truth!

What gives me the most hope for the future, is the Devs attempts at balancing the abilities! I remember a time when no dev would dare touch the space ability mechanics! Now, we have devs in there, trying to figure out the mistakes of those who were there before them, and to unravel the knots in the code. As long as they keep tweeking balance, i'm not gonna complain about pvp being neglected!

Sure, it's a long way to go, and the z-store jockeys aren't making it easy for them, the way they push pets, but all in all, I'm happy with the progress I've seen over the last few months. (Maybe I've just been conditioned to expect little?)
yes, the game and its gameplay mechanics are great and I think we all agree it has a lot potential but what the game lacks of is the "environment" talking about pvp in my opinion!

Queues can take a lot of waiting time and even when you've manged to get into a match it doesnt necessarily mean that you'll get a good or even fight. Nevertheless queue matches offer nice instances for fleet vs fleet encounters.

Like it was mentioned in an other thread it seems to be the way to go to provide a more open world pvp based environment like ker'rat system. Such an environment appears to be more "handy" than waiting for a queue match which isnt always worth the time waiting for!

Personally, I would be all day long in ker'rat system if the game would provide stats and rewards for destroying other players but thats just my point of view...

Talking bout stats, when two fleets start a queue match against each other while the game actually recognizes it as such and saves the stats (if both fleets agree on it) it could help to make it easier managing leagues or tournaments etc...

Another point is recruitment, because at the moment im getting two random fleet invites per hour but as a pvper its hard to determine which one to join without asking the same bs again and again...

From my point of view can numbers change a lot to keep the game interesting in the long run!

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