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Originally Posted by red01999 View Post
I have the Odyssey pack. I have heard that the Science Odyssey offers the best DPS potential of any of them, due to Sensor Analysis.

However, after a series of tests that I am still running in a few different scenarios (Starbase Defense, Cure Space Normal, Fed Mirror Event), it seems to be performing, in most cases, worse than the tactical Odyssey. In fact, it often comes in at about 400-1,000 lower DPS. Also, to keep SA working I can't switch targets to try to find better prey or help a comrade, or else I lose the built-up buff, so that's quite a disadvantage in and of itself. As such, I'd like to ask if there is anything in particular I should be doing to maximize this, other than "don't switch targets."

The BOff layout and equipment I'm using are mostly identical (I swapped around the consoles a little bit because of the new slot for science and lack of slot for tactical, which has a net result of one less tac console and one more armor console). I also rotate tactical team and EPtW1, so my weapon power should be slightly buffed and maxed most of the time, and I also use APB1 pretty often. I use the full Odyssey set.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated, as I'd like to figure out if I really SHOULD ditch my tactical Odyssey in favor of the science version, especially since at least one source I trust told me the tac Ody generally does do better DPS-wise, although I thought I'd ask here as it seems that the sci Ody gets the favored position here.
I have the odyssey pack myself and I'm using the tactical one with all the odyssey set, I found that the tactical odyssey is more durable when adding the set it also is helpful when deploying the saurer section it make the tactical more stable to fly and more weapon and shield power for both, I just added modifly borg shield which help out alot to, so try and stack the odyssey pack set to which ever ship you use a you will see a better performance when you do. hope this was helpful.

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