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08-12-2012, 06:32 AM
As I originally stated, I paid for these ships so that I could access them with all my characters or any created in the future. I did not earn them in game for just one character and I did submit two tickets to a GM and was told that because they had no record of the transaction, that I was out of luck. I have multiple VA characters and have open ship slots for all of them. I contacted them three weeks before posting this, so I don't see how that qualifies as raging in the forum and not following the right procedure. I was tempted to get a record of all my transactions with them and match it up with the points I bought acccording to my credit card statement, but what is the point? I wanted Cryptic to settle this so that I would feel comfortable spending money in the game again. If I have to force them to do the right thing, I still can't trust them and wouldn't feel comfortable giving them any more money. When I want to fly those ships, I'll just use the two characters that still have them.

This was posted to warn people that because you don't get individual receipts for in game purchases, that if they lost record of the transaction, you are out of luck. I still like the game a lot, and will keep playing, but I'll have to pass on the newer ships I wanted to buy.