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08-12-2012, 07:19 AM
Originally Posted by judge7 View Post
i just spent the past 9 hours doing pug stf's trying to get a cure engine drop.

one mission was completed of all of them.
Well then DON'T PUG ELITES!, theres no point complaining about it or claiming that its broken because its not. Playing with randoms with virtually no communication or plan is just asking for problems for missions that require team cooperation.

There a stepping stone, if you like doing elites go join a fleet that does them often or for the few times you have been successful invite those people to be your friend then you can create your own team and not have to worry about randoms.

Originally Posted by judge7 View Post
i sit at a cube and kill the nanites and the bops that spawn then the raptor and warship.

then i move to the next after all the nanites are gone i kill a cube and one group of raptors every single mission i have done today accept one the rest of the team couldnt stop the raptors and they killed the kang.
You do that with an elite with me or any of my friends you would instantly go on an ignore list, there are certain strats for doing elites and taking out a cube to early will cause the kang defenders to be overwhelmed and the mission will fail.

I think it is you that needs to do some learning before you go complaining about other people!

Originally Posted by judge7 View Post
it isnt fair to the rest of the people that spend months trying to get needed items to have poepl come in and go afk or toitaly ruin the mission because they dont have a clue or cant hang at all with the super powered borg you put in there.
As above join a fleet or make some friends lol.